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Sustainable Production and Consumption Caucus

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An NGO Contribution to the Secretary-General's Report on the State of Implementation

October 2003

SPAC Update

May 2003


Suggested Changes/Additions to Chair's Paper

PrepCom 3, Wednesday 27 March 2002


On Information For Decision-Making On Sustainable Development

Presented by Jeffrey Barber, Citizens Network for Sustainable Development To the Ad Hoc Working Group Meeting of the Commission on Sustainable Development, 14 March 2001, United Nations

Report On CSD 8, CSD 9 And Rio+10

January 18, 2001


SPAC Update

November 2000

Progress On Eliminating Destructive Subsidies

February 23, 2000

Finance, Trade And Economic Growth And The Overriding Issue Of Consumption And Production Patterns

NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production and Consumption, February 18, 2000

SPAC Watch: An NGO Initiative to Monitor National Progress towards Sustainable Production and Consumption

February 2000


Priorities and Concerns in Addressing Sustainable Production and Consumption

Commission on Sustainable Development, United Nations,New York, April 26, 1999

SPAC Caucus Plans for 1999 -2002

Statement For High Level Segment On Promoting Sustainable Production And Consumption, Statement To Commission On Sustainable Development

United Nations, New York, April 23, 1999

Statement From The NGO Caucus On Sustainable Production & Consumption, Statement On Summary And Elements For A Draft Decision At CSD7

Presented by Carolyn Nunley, Consumers International, 23 February, 1999, United Nations, New York

On Consumer Protection And National Policies On Sustainable Production & Consumption

Presented by Stefan Larenas, Consumers International, 21 February, 1999, United Nations, New York, Statement from Consumers International and the NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production & Consumption

SPAC Update 1999


Towards National Policy for Sustainable Production and Consumption

by Jeffrey Barber, Integrative Strategies Forum "From Consumer Society to Sustainable Society," International SPAC Conference Netherlands, January 31-February 1, 1998

National SPAC Policies (PPT)

SPAC Caucus: Strategies for 1999 (PPT)

SPAC Update  October 1998

SPAC Caucus Strategy for CSD -7

SPAC Evaluation Plan

Jan 5th 1998


SPAC Caucus statement to the Commission on Sustainable Development

April 1998

Recommended Amendments To Proposed Outcome Of The Special Session Of The CSD

Sustainable Production & Consumption Caucus, 1997

Report From Sustainable Production And Consumption Caucus: Preparations For UNGASS +5

June 9, 1997

The role of corporate accountability in sustainable development

A statement by Maria Elena Hurtado, Consumers International to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, April 15, 1997

Statement from the Working Group on Sustainable Production & Consumption

Revised, April 7, 1997

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