27 May 2009

ICSPAC Working Group on 10YFP launched

In response to the call for comments on the 10YFP, several members of the Intenational Coalition for Sustainable Production and Consumption (ICSPAC) agreed to create a working group within the Coalition to jointly analyze the document and identify some common points.

27 May 2009

4th Advisory Committee meets at CSD - New draft of 10YFP paper

We do not yet have the report from the advisory meeting but we know there was some discussion of the most recent draft of the "10YFP" paper that has been circulating. The result is a new revised draft of the paper with the deadline for a short comments period set for the 7th of June 2009.

September 22 2008

UN discussion paper now available for public comment

The first draft of the UNEP/UNDESA discussion paper, "Proposed input to CSD on a 10 year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production" is now available for public review and comment between now and December. In addition, a draft "background document to the draft 10YFP" is also available for comment. These are to be posted on the UN Marrakech Process website. Those interested in sharing and exchanging their opinions and comments on this topic as well as the papers should visit the Marrakech NGO Forum blog.

23 June 2008
Minutes from 2nd Marrakech Advisory Committee

Bjarne Pedersen has forwarded the official "draft summary minutes" from the 8 May Advisory Committee meeting in New York, chaired by Claudia Mora (Columbia) and Ulf Jaeckel (Germany). Main conclusions reported for this meeting are:

  • First draft of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes (10YFP) to be circulated by beginning of June.
  • Secretariat to prepare two background papers on "SCP areas already covered by international conventions and MEAs, to identify synergies, niche areas and gaps as well as to avoid duplications in the 10YFP;" and
  • a background paper on the "10YFP and the CSD (political and technical constraints) analyzing and providing different scenarios and options to present the 10YFP at CSD19."
  • Next Advisory Committee meeting to take place October 22, 2008 in Paris on the margin of the UNEP Annual Meeting with Business and Industry.

Please share your comments, questions, and thoughts about the meeting on the NGO Forum blog.


5 May 2008

Marrakech Advisory Committee to meet in New York

This Thursday, 8 May, from 2-6 pm, the Marrakech Advisory Committee will meet in New York at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). The agenda includes:

  • Development of the 10-year framework of programmes on SCP
  • Engaging stakeholders in implementation
  • Communication strategy of the Marrakech Process
  • Plans for the 4th International Expert Meeting

UN appoints CI as NGO Major Group representative

Bjarne Pederson, Deputy Director of Consumers International, was recently appointed by the UN "to represent the NGO major group" in the Advisory Committee. According to the CI website, they were "formally appointed as the non-governmental organisation (NGO) advisor to the United Nations on sustainable consumption and production. CI will represent the NGO position to the Marrakech Process, the UN programme set up to promote and develop a global framework of action on sustainability."

In his announcement letter, Bjarne assures us that "proper consultation is at the heart of the way CI works" and will be "at the heart of how we plan to work in the Advisory Committee." The main pathway for this consultation "will be with the SDIN network and their affiliated constituency, the NGO Forum as a space for dialogue, as well as CI members." Bjarne will try and ensure prompt reporting from the Committee meetings as well as seek input prior to the meetings.

Some NGOs expressed disappointment with the UN's process for selecting the NGO representative, saying the NGOs should be the ones choosing their representative, not the UN.

11 April 2008

Newsletter on Marrakech Process launched

UNEP and UN DESA have released their new newsletter on the Marrakech Process, providing us with an additional source of information about events and resources. You will be able to download pdf copies of the March 2008 newsletter at their new website, or right here.

4 March 2008
MNF blog launched

A new blog to complement the Marrakech NGO Forum discussions launched today. The blog will be more conversational and especially welcomes active comments and engagement from viewers/readers. The blog especially comes in time to provide some reflections and discussion for next week's SCORE meeting.

25 February 2008
Draft paper for discussion and comment

Arnold Tukker of SCORE has released to us the current draft of his paper "A Framework for Action" [pdf] for our discussion and comments. This version of the paper will also be discussed in a workshop session in Brussels at the upcoming SCORE conference March 10-11 (see below).

31 January 2008
Upcoming: MNF blog

In addition to this webpage, a team of Marrakech NGO Forum members are also setting up a MNF blog to allow for a more lively exchange of news, views and comments. Today we set up a basic format but are trying to work out the various bugs as well as see how to best to involved a wide number of contributors. This blog will hopefully launch within a week or so. Keep watching for it; we will keep you posted!

30 January 2008
SCORE conference on Global Framework of Action

Some of you may have attended the SCORE meeting "Towards a Global Framework for Action on SCP" held in Milan last November. One purpose of the meeting was to attract members of the research community to provide input into the Marrakech Process aim to produce a 10-Year Framework to present to CSD in 2010. We look forward to hearing the reports on this meeting and engage with SCORE members on some of the ideas that emerged. SCORE is also planning a conference March 10-11 in Brussles.


25 January 2008

Citizen Input on 10 Year Framework on

This page is dedicated to a global strategy addressing the underlying roots of some of the world's most serious problems. Those underlying roots are the unsustainable production and consumption patterns resulting in global warming, economic insecurities, threats to human health, biodinversity and a host of other issues.

The strategy -- described as the "Marrakech Process" -- aims to develop a framework of intergovernmental programs to support national and regional efforts to change production and consumption patterns.

Many of us, environmentalists, health advocates, consumer rights organizations, university researchers, and others do not trust our governments and the United Nations to achieve this goal without the help of concerned citizens and their organizations. Thus the Marrakech NGO Forum, launched this past June in Stockholm, represents the collective effort of those citizen organizations to work together in raising this discussion and the level of public awareness and support, and helping ensure the successful creation of that "framework of programs" and the work they are designed to support.

In the coming weeks and months, this site will feature news, reports and opinions of various NGOs and public interest groups involved in designing, evaluating, celebrating or criticizing this 10-year framework and the process to present this to the UN in 2010-11.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and participation in helping us inform and engage ourselves and neighbors by participating in one of the important and exciting strategies and challenges of this new century.



On 26 June, 2007, the Marrakech NGO Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption officially launched in Sweden as part of the 3rd International Experts Meeting on the Ten Year Framework.

The Marrakech NGO Forum provides an independent vehicle for NGOs and public interest organizations to discuss and provide input into the Marrakech Process and UN efforts to addressing the overarching objective of achieving sustainable patterns of production and consumption, as mandated at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development.


"NGOs" are defined by the Forum as "organizations committed to the public interest, (e.g., environmental, development, women's and consumer groups, research organizations, indigenous and social justice organizations, trade unions, etc.) in contrast to business/industry (who have their own Business Forum) and government.

Public consultation on the 10 YFP

One of the purposes of the NGO Forum is to encourage discussion and comment on the UN's proposed "10 Year Framework of Programs" so that these programs make a difference. Thus the Forum will collaborate with other bodes to encourage this exchange and shape a useful outcome.

One vehilcle for this is the NGO Forum Blog, where you can post your comments, questions and recommendations specifically about this 10YFP.

There is also a Marrakech NGO Forum email listserve. You can conact and subscribe to this listserve here. Please provide your name, organization, email and country.

You can also exchange with others on the Discussion Forum on the original SDIN website. These exchanges are under the "Marrakech Process" topic. You will need to register on the site to post comments.

The International Coalition for Sustainable Production and Consumption (ICSPAC) has also launched a Working Group on the 10 Year Framework to exchange views and identify common points and positions.

Finally, the NGO Forum will collaborate with the CSD NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production and Consumption  (SPAC Caucus), which has been the key NGO organizing and lobbying network coordinating activities and campaigns promoting sustainable production and consumption policy at the UN. The SPAC Caucus will be especially active at the CSD in this coming two-year cycle.


Marrakech Calendar

Feb 2008 -- Draft outline of 10 year framework to be released. Marrakech Advisory Committee meets.

May 2008 - 1st draft of 10YFP

Summer 2008 - Business & Industry meeting on Marrakech Process.

Nov 2008 - 2nd draft of 10YFP .

May 2009 - CSD 17; meeting of Marrakech Advisory Committee.

June 2009 - Briefings for delegations and major groups (UNHQ, New York)

Summer 2009 - 3rd draft of 10YFP

4th International Experts Meeting (Beijing)

Winter 2009 - 4th draft of 10YFP

Fall 2009 - Regional implementation meetings.

Winter 2009 - 4th draft of 10YFP

Feb 2010 - Briefing for delegations and major groups.

May 2010 - CSD18; Marrakech Advisory Committee meeting. UN Interagency Meeting on SCP (New York).

Summer 2010 - Final proposal 10YFP

Oct 2010 - Briefing for delegations and major groups.

Feb 2011 - Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for CSD19. Negotiations on 10YFP begin.

Spring 2011 - CSD19. Finalization of negotiations and launc of 10YFP.



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